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A complete guide to Santorini

Santorini, the most romantic Instagram picture-worthy Greece island there is. Besides the hype around the place you will discover that it’s much more than a new Instagram feed. I visited the place last year, just as a random pick between the Greece islands. I wanted to visit Greece since it’s such a beautiful but above… Continue reading A complete guide to Santorini

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Wroclaw, Poland an unknown treasure

Last summer I visited Wroclaw with a friend, truly a city chosen at random. I received the trip as a graduation present, for three short days we were off to the city in southwestern  Poland. By losing two days to travelling we had time  to spent one day in the city. And this is how… Continue reading Wroclaw, Poland an unknown treasure

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Beautiful Ticino

A couple of weeks ago a visited my friend in Switzerland, who lives in this gorgeous place, to be exact she lives in Giubiasco which is a city in the canton of Ticino. First of all some background information about Switzerland. Switzerland exist out of four language groups, so kind of four main cultures. The… Continue reading Beautiful Ticino