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4 tips on how to cure a “travel hangover”

We all know the feeling, going back home after a trip.  On the one hand on cloud nine because you just had the best time of your life, but one the other hand you get a little bit of reversed homesickness, wanting to go back to the fun times you had. After trips it’s always… Continue reading 4 tips on how to cure a “travel hangover”

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A complete guide to Vancouver

last year and this year I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, for six months studying English. It was truly amazing. This will be the first article of a mini-series that will be featured on my blog about Vancouver , in these articles I will give some tips on how to spend your time in this… Continue reading A complete guide to Vancouver

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Beautiful Ticino

A couple of weeks ago a visited my friend in Switzerland, who lives in this gorgeous place, to be exact she lives in Giubiasco which is a city in the canton of Ticino. First of all some background information about Switzerland. Switzerland exist out of four language groups, so kind of four main cultures. The… Continue reading Beautiful Ticino