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Cheap city trippin through Sofia

So let’s start off with that it has been a minute, about two months ago I started studying International Tourism Management at the university of Breda, and since then I haven’t had the time to write a single thing. Being busy with school and social life, made writing about my adventures a background activity. But… Continue reading Cheap city trippin through Sofia

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A day in Amsterdam

Last weekend one of my best friends  from Belgium visited me, besides some fun in my neighbourhood, I decided to show him a bit of Amsterdam. Normally when I go to Amsterdam it’s mainly for shopping, so I’d never seen Amsterdam through the eyes of a tourist and I decided that it was about time.… Continue reading A day in Amsterdam

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A complete guide to Santorini

Santorini, the most romantic Instagram picture-worthy Greece island there is. Besides the hype around the place you will discover that it’s much more than a new Instagram feed. I visited the place last year, just as a random pick between the Greece islands. I wanted to visit Greece since it’s such a beautiful but above… Continue reading A complete guide to Santorini