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Cheap city trippin through Sofia


So let’s start off with that it has been a minute, about two months ago I started studying International Tourism Management at the university of Breda, and since then I haven’t had the time to write a single thing. Being busy with school and social life, made writing about my adventures a background activity. But on my free Monday night I’ve decided to start once more! In the past couple of months I have crossed a few things off my travel list, the capital city Sofia being one of them.

In the autumn holidays I decided to go to a cheap destination with a few friends, not really knowing anything about the capital of Bulgaria I went with a bit of nervous feeling. Flying from Cologne to make the trip as cheap as possible, we went off to the unknown.

Once we arrived  at the airport of Sofia we already couldn’t believe are eyes, we saw luscious mountains surrounding the airport (which is always amazing for a Dutch person).  After exiting the airport (and some pictures)  we headed to our accommodation. While the public transport was a bit vague we fortunately could find our way pretty quick through the route our Airbnb host had provided us. We stayed at an Airbnb on Vitosha Boulevard, which turned out to be the main street of Sofia (lucky us). The first day we were pretty tired of all the travelling so we chilled for a bit in our place and only went out for dinner and grocery shopping (in a 24hour supermarket, bonus).

On are second day and after finally some research about the city, we went on a free city tour. Great way of making your trip as cheap as possible, don’t go on the cliché hop on hop off bus, but go on one of the many free tours Sofia has to offer.  We gathered in front of the palace of justice where the tour started. The tour took about two hours visiting all the sights in the city pretty quickly, while we got educated on the rich history of Sofia and Bulgaria. After the tour you can tip the guide if you liked it, when we were finished with the tour we visited most of the sights again to go inside or to take more pictures. The city tour is a great way to find your way through the city and to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Visiting all the sights pretty much filled up our whole day. We again relaxed a bit in our Airbnb and after that we went to dinner, on Vitosha boulevard. And to finish up the evening we went for some cocktails.

On the third day we went for  again a free tour, this time on the main mountain just outside the city; Vitosha mountain. We gathered just outside of the Ivan Vazov theatre, where our tour guide arranged taxi’s for us to go to mountain. Taxis are the best way to go to the mountain, since it’s not accessible by public transport. And if you find a reliable taxi service it will cost you only about 10-30 lev to go and come back. When all the taxis arrived at the mountain the tour guide gave us the choice of going on the easy or the hard hike, being the bad-asses that we are of course we had to go on the “hard” hike. And boy it was tough, the hike took about 4-5 hours and was quite steep. But as expected gorgeous, we passed by the Vitosha waterfall and and halve way we stopped at a beautiful view over the city. The tour guide provided us again with plenty of  information about the mountain and the city. We ended the tour at the Boyana church, where the tour guide arranged taxis for us to go back to the city. Right after we arrived in the city we went for dinner again, Sofia truly has the cutest hipster restaurants ever seen, so every night dinner was amazing (and cheap). When we finished dinner we had a little part at our Airbnb since it was our last night.

Unfortunately to every surprising city trip comes an end. On our last day we had a pretty early flight, so we went for a sober up brunch and some souvenir shopping. And after that it was sadly enough time to leave beautiful Sofia. After so unfortunate delays we arrived in Brussels (again everythin for a cheap flight) and arrived midnight I arrived home. Sofia, and Bulgaria in general, has definitely surpassed my expectations. I hope I will visit the country again in the future. I would highly recommend Sofia, gorgeous city and above all cheap: four days dinner, lunch, groceries, flight, accommodation, tips on the tour and cocktails was approx. € 110,- So next time you’re considering  a city trip, don’t forget about Sofia will ya?

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3 thoughts on “Cheap city trippin through Sofia”

  1. I’ve lived in Sofia for two two-year periods and am looking forward to moving back one day. It’s a very walkable city and Vitosha National Park has endless opportunities for hikes. Hope you get to return and to explore more of Bulgaria.

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