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A day in Amsterdam


Last weekend one of my best friends  from Belgium visited me, besides some fun in my neighbourhood, I decided to show him a bit of Amsterdam. Normally when I go to Amsterdam it’s mainly for shopping, so I’d never seen Amsterdam through the eyes of a tourist and I decided that it was about time. So this is how I had a blast doing touristy things in Amsterdam.

In the morning we took the train from the town next to mine, to Amsterdam. In about 1,5 hours we arrived at the always crowded station of Amsterdam Central. One of the things that had always peaked my interest when visiting Amsterdam, was the sexmuseum. Which sounds a bit like a strange sight for a city, but it is one of the main ones. And the entrance fee was only 5 euros, so naturally we decided to visit it. The only thing I really have to say about the museum is that it was quite odd and rather shocking, but what do you expect from a sexmuseum, and I would still recommend it.  After the museum we just did a little bit of a city tour, we walked along the canals, through the red light district which was rather empty since it was a Monday morning. After that we walked around on Dam Square, through the abundances of pigeons, and after that of course I also had to show my Belgian friend the shopping street. When we finished the walking tour it was lunch time, for lunch we ate some classical Dutch fries, meaning that they are served in pointy paper bags with peanut sauce on it (makes sense right?), served with a snack you get out of the wall (aka a fending machine placed in a big wall that serves hot snacks, again makes sense). After lunch and all the half-naked bodies we had seen  that morning, we decided to go for something fun and bubbly, so we went to Artis, Amsterdam’s city zoo. Artis I one of the things I would highly recommend when visiting Amsterdam, even though almost every place has a zoo. Artis is definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever visited, it’s not only the oldest zoo of the Netherlands, but it also has a galore of animals, and it’s very spacious, for both animals and humans. And above all Artis is really big on education, which I always appreciate in a zoo. For example in the aquarium they portray the fish life in Amsterdam, and how littering has an effect on animals and the envirionment. We had spend much time in the zoo that afterwards it was dinnertime already, we bought some snacks at the Albert Heijn To Go (city-supermarket) and ate them at the side of one of the canals.

So yeah, that’s basically how I tried being a tourist in my own country. I hope it brought you some inspiration to do touristy stuff close to your home, or just some ideas of what to do when you visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

-Until next time-



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