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Preparing for a journey: Namibia



My next trip is all planned out, I’m going to Namibia. My very first time going to the African continent, and my first time going to really discover the unknown. Of course I’ve been to other countries, continents and so on, but it was all still so, I don’t know, western I guess. Africa is just something so different, it’s been for me always one of those places you see on a picture or on a TV, but not imaginable in real life. And now I’m really going, I’m leaving this Tuesday evening for a twelve hour flight to Windhoek, the capital. And oh boy I’m excited. I will be staying in Namibia for 16 days, starting in the capital and taking a road trip through the country together with my family. I hope to be writing about my experiences afterwards, but for now I would like to share with you how I/we kind off prepared for this different kind off “family vacation”.


First of all of course the most important thing to do is to now your stuff. Something that I’ve experienced by booking this trip I actually how little I know about the African continent, let alone Namibia. For me it was always kind of like yeah Morocco and Egypt on the top, and South-Africa at the bottom. Of course I had some knowledge about the other countries, names, some capitals, religious backgrounds etc. but I’ve never really looked into them individually. So, naturally you have to research a country before you visit it. I did, and  I learned so much. For example some general background information about Namibia past, languages etc. but also more important information about safety, like getting the right injections, malaria pills,  but also how to handle different situations concerning the wild life.


The next step is to get your stuff together. Part of the research is gaining the right supplies. For Namibia it´s for example handy to have your own mosquito net, mosquito socks, mosquito you name it. Also so good hiking shoes can be of great importance.

Besides packing and such that’s a little bit how I prepared for this exciting journey, I hope you like this small article and that it´s somehow useful for you, or just a fun read. Anyway I can’t wait to write about my actual experience in Namibia. And as always

-Until next time-



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