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4 hours in Seattle


Whenever I go on a trip  I like to beat the clichés, discover the unknown. Now being an inexperienced traveller this can be quite hard, often it’s just easier to follow the mainstream. Something I experienced when I had exactly four hours to spent in Seattle. How did I ended with such a short timespan you might ask? Well it was a daytrip with a travel organisation from Vancouver, the only way I could go there for a short time in a cheap way, being carless and driver’s license less and all.  So, being curious as I am of course I had to see as much as possible in my short 4 hours. And I ended up at the clichés, learning that the clichés can also be quite fun.

Space needle

Of course out of all the attractions I had to stop at the space needle, just to see it, just to say I’ve been there. But due to my time plan and little money that I had, I decided not to go up there. At the end I think that was the best decision, I’ve been there I’ve seen it, and at the end of the day it’s just another viewing point, am I right? But still a great one.

First starbucks

For y’all not basic white girls or coffee fanatics out there, Starbucks originated in Seattle. So naturally the first Starbucks can be found downtown the city of Macklemore and Jimi Hendrix. Every once in a while I do enjoy myself a Starbucks so it was quite fun to see where it all started. To see the mermaid logo as a whole. Also quite convenient is that the first Starbucks is near to all the other popular tourist attractions, so you can just pop by it on your way to the other things .Of course if you’re a diehard fan you have to go inside, but then again time.

Pike place market

So then we moved on, across the street of the first Starbucks is the famous Pike Place market. Nice to walk around, seeing people throwing fish in the air and to have the lunch of the day ( some traditional fish and chips). Spent quite a lot of my 4 hours here, and there are no regrets. If you take your time to walk around you will discover these funky nooks and shops. Which are always fun in my opinion. Also the place to get your ingredient for the next attraction: chewing gum.

Gum wall

Might be the most disgusting Instagram hotspot of the world, walls and walls covered in colorful gooeyness. And of course you have to help to build the wall, leaving a piece yourself behind. Although I found the Gum wall overall quite disturbing, with the colors overall it was still kind of beautiful, and the thought behind it that wherever you come from, whatever you look like you can just put a piece of gum on the wall and be part of a whole. Like many many people did before.

Seattle great wheel

The last attraction we visited was the great Seattle wheel, another viewing point yeaah. With some time left on our hands we decided that the wheel would be the perfect last attraction to visit, so we would still get some view over the city, while all cosy in a cabin and without paying the maximum. It was actually quite nice, although it was a gloomy and rainy day the view was still tremendous.

After that with some spare minutes we still ended up at a Starbucks scoring a coffee. I had glorious fun that day visiting the clichés, seeing what all the hype was about. I guess staying on the beaten path can also be refreshing. My only regrets are not having enough time to visit the Museum of Pop Culture, but who knows what the future holds, maybe I will be back.

Hope you enjoyed, and as always

-Until next time-



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