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Wherever I go I love eating some unfamiliar  stuff, I won’t go all the way like eating chicken feet or cow brain because those things definitely don’t sound appetizing to me (no offence towards people and cultures that do eat foods like that, just not something I’m used to). However I do like to try out a fair amount of traditional food, if its snacks or a full on main course it doesn’t matter! Food is just part of the experience. So here by I would like to give a list of top picks food wise of a few of the countries I’ve visited, just for good old fun and maybe for you to try out. And although this article might not include pictures of the foods I’m talking about, in a strange way I always find it fascinating and satisfying to read stuff about food, especially when foreign.


Since I go to Finland quite often I’m quite familiar with the cuisine. My favorite dish by far, is reindeer stew, with mashed (or as I always like to pronounce it smashed) potatoes, cranberry sauce and pickles. I may sound strange but oh boy it truly is a combination made in heaven.  The Finnish are also great in their chocolate, every time I go there I have to eat Fazer chocolate, whether it’s a basic bar or a classic peppermint crisp one. I. Have. To. Eat. It. And I also love Tupla chocolate nougat bars.


One word: cheese. You can truly wake me up for a delicious cheese fondue. Combined with veggies or bread, just true perfection. Also I what I learned in Switzerland is to eat cheese next to your dinner, although this is not necessary a Swiss thing. Still fun to try out. Also rösti is a delicious thing that the Swiss cuisine has brought me, these potato pancakes used to be breakfast food, but are now enjoyed anytime of the day. I strangely enough always eat that with Christmas at home, in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

Although I’m not a big fan of the cuisine in my own country, we do have some delicious things. Most common thing for us and foreigners to eat are stroopwafels, these are two waffles fused together with caramel sauce, truly yummy an often enjoyed with a cup of tea. Another thing which other people seem to like are the haring fish, eaten with onions. Not a fish person so something I really really hate. But we do however have some great fries traditions, we classically eat our fries in pointy bags (great explanation) together with peanut sauce and a frikandel (kind of sausages but not really, again great explanation) highly would recommend you try it out if you ever come to the Netherlands.


I really wish I could say poutine with this one, but I’m not the biggest fan. Poutine are fries with cheese curds and gravy, but you can also add bacon, onions etc. When you find them in a good place they can be quite delicious, but in some cases (most I’ve tried) the fries get to soggy because of the gravy which is not really appetizing to me. However they do have some delicious snacks: Namaimo bars for example. These are bars with that mainly exist out of coconut flakes and chocolate. And damn, they are phenomenal.  Another typical Canadian thing that I really enjoy is maple syrup, I loved that stuff. Maple syrup on pancakes, in pastries, in cereal, you name it I’ve eaten it. A drink I really enjoyed in Canada, although it’s more local Whistler and Vancouver, was the Whistler bear paw honey lager. I’m not a great beer lover but this one was truly delicious with its hint of honey.


Greece has quite an interesting cuisine, something I really like is souvlaki, basically meat on a stick. Can be chicken, pork or lamb. Times I had it, it was served with fries and I mean, who doesn’t like fries. I also really enjoyed the pita bread with meat and tzatziki sauce (yogurt, cucumber and spices), something I also make at home quite often.


Something extraordinary I had in Norway, which I’m pretty sure is just a general Scandinavian thing, is cloudberries. Cloudberries are these orange berries shaped like a cloud (surprise). When I had them in Norway they were served in cloudberry sauce, with vanilla ice cream on warm waffles. Terrific combination, one of the best desserts I ever had.


As I mentioned in my article about Wroclaw, something I loved in Poland, were perogies. Dumpling like lookalikes with either sweet or savory filling. I’ve never had a try at the sweet ones, but the savory ones I tried with both a potato filling and a mushroom one. I also once bought them in a Canadian supermarket as a freezer dish, but nothing beats the real thing.

I can talk on and on about food, one of the great enjoyments of life. Hope you liked reading about these view dishes that I love!  Maybe this article will get a part two who knows.


-Until next time-



2 thoughts on “Food& travelling”

  1. That’s awesome – food is inextricably a huge part of culture!!
    My favourite food memory is when I was in a South Africa Township – Imizamo Yethu – and this local offered to share his dinner with me, a giant broiled lambs head.
    I was hesitant – as was expected – but did try it, and it was not as bad as I was expecting!!


  2. It for sure is! That’s so great, it for sure sounds like an interesting and unforgetable experience. I’m hoping that I can overstep my boundaries and try such an extraordinary dish in the future!


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